Program Transfer List

Nov 18, 2022 | Announcements, Program Transfer List

Part of our efforts to help maintain and improve the Megabyte Property Tax System (MPTS) are our weekly installs. Every Thursday evening, our Release Team installs updates at all of our counties. These installs include enhancements, bug fixes, and new programs. Every Friday afternoon, we send out a Program Transfer List that covers what programs or components thereof were installed at the counties that week, including a brief description of what was changed and any relevant ServiceDesk items that were created to work on these items.

Below you will find the current Program Transfer List. A list of all prior PTL items (beginning 3/3/2022) is available for download.

Megabyte Program Transfer History


NSW0001 (Napa Sanitation Maintenance)

(Napa ServiceDesk Ticket #24417)

Update Mpts2010 version to include the build TraAsmt table from both Asr and Taxroll data.

TCW0900 (Lien Processing)

(Madera ServiceDesk Ticket #20247)

Fix to allow 250 characters for the comments.

TCW0950 (Unsecured Misc Maintenance)

(Madera ServiceDesk Ticket #20247)

Fix to allow 255 character comment.

AUW0120 (Ad Valorem Tax Setup New Year)

(Megabyte ServiceDesk Task #1793)

When entering tax rates in AUW0120 “Curr Rates” tab, the cursor jumps to the very top after entering each rate once you’re at the bottom of the screen. User must scroll down to the next tax code after entering each rate. Change requested to hold the position after entering a rate.