MPTS Features

1. Assessor

MPTS provides a fully integrated Assessor system that includes streamlined processing for increased efficiency.

Appraiser, appraisal and personal property are just a few of the core functions provided on the system.

2. Auditor

MPTS provides a fully integrated Auditor system that includes apportioning and AB8 distribution.

Direct assessments, redemption roll adjustments and tax rates are just a few of the many Auditor functions provided.

3. Tax Collector

MPTS provides a fully integrated Tax Collector’s system that includes collections, cashiering and redemption activities.

Remittance processing, pay plans and delinquencies are just a few of the many processes included within the system.

4. Appeal

MPTS provides a fully integrated Appeals system that allows tracking of all appeal information.

Integration with other departments assists in the appeal process.

5. Special Processing

MPTS provides a sophisticated set of processes for each of the departments to do year end processing.

Counties utilizing the system have consistently closed their roll on time, even when faced with budget cuts and staff reductions.

Interfacing and integration with many companies allows counties to customize their implementation.

6. Web

MPTS has a fully integrated secure web component for internal and external use. Providing multiple web-based applications, including internal intranet applications that can be accessed and utilized by departmental staff, or secured for inquiry by other departments within the County.

Web applications are also provided for public and agency access, and can be embedded within the framework of the County’s existing website to ensure that the County’s internet web applications are streamlined.

7. Technology

The MPTS end-user interface is designed from a functional perspective for ease of use.

A standard look and feel is utilized, which was created specifically to meet the needs of County departmental users.

8. Support

We offer customer support services to assist users with any questions, issues, or concerns related to our software.

We provide guidance on tax-related questions, technical issues, and software usage.