MPTS provides a fully integrated Auditor system that includes apportioning and AB8 distribution.

Direct assessments, redemption roll adjustments and tax rates are just a few of the many Auditor functions provided.



MPTS apportions taxes, including negative apportionments (all rolls plus unitary AB454), separate reporting and controls.

AB8 Functions

MPTS is compliant with AB8 distribution.

Tax Rates

Tax rates for current and prior years can easily be viewed and managed in the system.

Setup for the new year is made by allowing you to start from what you used last year and build from that.

Tax Roll Activities

MPTS maintains Ad Valorem, Penalties, Holidays, Interest, and the Utility Roll.

Direct Charges

MPTS includes direct charges.

Direct charges can be imported into the system quickly and easily.

The direct charge work file can be viewed and modified at any time.

The system automatically checks import files and the work file for errors.

The direct charge work file can be exported.

Automatic extension to tax roll during secured / unsecured extension process.


MPTS Includes a refund module manages for authorized and unauthorized refunds.

Refund data can be exported quickly and easily in various formats.

Erroneous refunds can be deleted  and/or in-activated.

Payee and payment information such as check # can be updated on individual or multiple records simultaneously.

Roll Changes

Roll Changes

MPTS includes a powerful roll changes module allowing for immediate updates to the tax roll with automatic reporting for balancing.

Value increases/decreased, exemptions, cancelling redemptions, direct charge adjustments, name/address changes, due date changes, roll code changes, retrieve bill paid in prior year and place it on current tax roll as unpaid for NSF purposes, reinstate discharged records, refund paid penalties, recalculation bills, etc.

Redemption Roll Adjustments

Auditor users are able to decrease or cancel records on the redemption roll.


Tax Roll inquiry allows staff to view all details of current and prior year tax bills in the system.

Tax Statistics Inquiry is updated daily with tax, penalty, delinquent penalty, cost, values, counts, etc.

Roll change inquiry allows staff to view the history of corrections for specific records.

Public inquiry allows taxpayers and other non-staff users to see only public information while protecting any private or confidential information.

Additional Features

Document Imaging

Document imaging

Viewing of all document types

Import / Export Capabilties

MPTS has many Import / Export capabilities

Instant Updating

All input is edited for accuracy and available on-line for instant updating.

Resource Driven

County specific codes are resource parameter driven, allowing for quick customization.

Scheduled Jobs

Jobs and “batch” processing is available for large activities that can be performed in bulk.

User has ability to schedule jobs.


MPTS includes over 200 reports for Auditor Functions

Key On-Demand Reports include:

  • Authorized / Unauthorized Refund reports
  • Detailed Tax Roll Statistics Reports
  • Direct Charge reports
  • Homeowner’s Exemption Reports for State
  • Low Value Reports
  • Paid / Unpaid Apportionment Reports
  • Paid / Unpaid Parcel Detail and Summary Reports
  • Penalty Charge Report
  • Roll Change Report
  • Tax Code / Tax Rate Area / Tax Rate Reports