Megabyte Systems Inc. is renowned for its exceptional support system, which caters to the needs of over 35 counties using the Megabyte Property Tax System (MPTS) in California.

Our support team offers extensive guidance and assistance to ensure seamless property tax management for their clients. Whether it’s addressing tax-related inquiries, technical issues, or providing updates on tax regulations, Megabyte’s support is known for its expertise and reliability.

With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Megabyte’s support system plays a vital role in the success and efficiency of the MPTS across numerous California counties.

What Megabyte customers can expect:

  • Our users are able to reach a live person in California for targeted system help.
  • When clients need assistance, they can file cases online, via email, or by phone with an automatic case number assigned.
  • During the Year-end Turnover/Rollover season, counties have a dedicated coordinator to promote rapid response when timing matters.
  • Megabyte has a friendly and knowledgeable staff with decades of collective experience working in different California counties.

Our team also:

  • Considers our users’ needs and input regarding system requirements, reporting, and features.
  • Offers multiple in-person and hybrid training events per year.
  • Visits our clients at their workplace with permission and follow up with action items.
  • Works to evolve Help Videos and article tutorials continually.