Tax Collector

MPTS provides a fully integrated Tax Collector’s system that includes collections, cashiering and redemption activities.

Remittance processing, pay plans and delinquencies are just a few of the many processes included within the system.



MPTS includes a module that tracks bankruptcies, collections and reporting.


MPTS tracks collections.

On-Line collections including: register control, deposit lists, verification of stub information, automated error processing and reporting, automatic creation of refunds resulting from over payment amounts, vendor information (Name and address) online audit records.


MPTS has a cashiering module.


Cortac processing of tax bill requests and mass payment processing.

Cortac processing of annual, supplemental, escape and corrected tax payments.


MPTS has a fully integrated delinquency roll with automated roll change functions. Including delinquency notices for all rolls. MPTS produces delinquency lists – criteria set by the county for 1 or 3 year publish listing. Also automatic transfer of unpaid mobile homes to unsecured delinquent roll.


Discharge of accountability, roll changes for NSF, misapplied payments, penalty cancellations, due date changes.


Reporting and export of delinquent vessels.


Add and collect various fees, including non-parcel fees.


Lien process and reporting notices.

Electronic tax lien interface with Recorder.


Retain valid ownership data despite assessment splits and segregations.

Pay Plans

MPTS has many pay plan options:

  • Automated 4 and 5 year payment plans.
  • Unsecured partial payment processing.
  • No interest and interest escape payment plans.

Redemption Roll Activities

MPTS tracks redemption roll activities.

Redemption process and related delinquency notices.

Redemption roll maintenance.

Remittance Processing

Interface with real time payment posting.

Real-time Interface with Tier and RTL for payment updating.

Trust Activities

MPTS tracks trust activities.

Unsecured Delinquent Activities

MPTS tracks unsecured delinquent activities.

Bills and Notices


MPTS maintains tax bills & current / supplemental secured reminder notices.

Tax Bills

Universal form for all tax bills: online bill production, SB813: secured and unsecured, roll changes corrected, additional bills, correct bills, prior unsecured and prior unsecured SB813.

Tax Statement forms for original secured and unsecured.

Multiple bills to same address – identification and combining of non-lender bills.

Single bills are produced in zip code sequence.

On-line Web tax bill print.

IVR tax bill faxback feature.

Integration with Web, IVR, & Kiosk modules for real-time payment posting.



MPTS displays all related information about an assessment.

Inquiry and tax information research capabilities online.

Public Inquiry

MPTS displays all related public information about an assessment.

Roll Change Functions

MPTS tracks roll changes.

Record Retention

Record Retention

MPTS has a Record Retention module.

Additional Features

Document Imaging

  • Document imaging
  • Viewing of all document types

Import / Export Capabilities

  • MPTS has many Import / Export capabilities
  • Exports of current tax roll, alphabetic index, fee assessment number index, prior unsecured abstracts.

Instant Updating

  • All input is edited for accuracy and available on-line for instant updating.

Resource Driven

  • County specific codes are resource parameter driven, allowing for quick customization

Scheduled Jobs

  • Jobs and “batch” processing is available for large activities that can be performed in bulk
  • User has ability to schedule jobs


  • MPTS includes over 200 reports for Tax Collector Functions.
  • Document generation for daily over / short letters.